Thursday, October 25, 2012

And a thousand more..



It is me who can tell you what tears mean. It's me who experience all the kinds of tears. Yes! tears are different.
nothing can relieve, release, comfort, and sooth your heart but tears. A tear would console you when others are all busy. One tear can make you honest to yourself and to others. But with no doubt, a tear can create from you a revolting , worlding and a freedom loving bird or can turn you into an ugly awful dead corpse !

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I can"t ..

I always wanted to like the pages on Facebook that entitled as " My Father" or " I Love You Mom" but I don't. I see hundred of thousand of nice pictures like a mother kisses her little baby or a father hugs his dughter and I save them in my Laptop. But in real life I can't go to my mother and kiss her or to hug my father! No, Impossible !

I used to kiss them in special occasions only like Eid and I dont really feel loved by them because the way we used to kiss them is somehow humiliated! Like I can't kiss my father's cheeks or he will consider me bold, so what will happen if I try to hug him ! even my mother , I just kiss her cheeks ( oh yeah , I can :D ). The part I hate most is when we forced to kneel to kiss their hands and if I dont my father just rais his hand up to my lips to do so.
That remind me or make feel as if I'm the slave and he's my master !

You know.. when I see comments from others saying that they love their mothers or fathers or that they would sacrifice their lives in order not to see the tears o their moms or when some just sighing and grieving because they dont have a father, I feel like a child who lost his parents and everyone seems to be strangers.

I was sick about 4 days and my mother didn't come upstairs to see me or to ask if I want something and my father don't know even if I am okay or not. They didnt ask me if  I want to go to the hospital or not. They did't even let my sisters bring me food to eat as they do when one of my sisters is sick. They neither ask nor care.
 SO, for what I have to try to get along with them ? and for what I have to obey them? and most importantly, for what I should love them?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

3 words!

I want to say it. It's a simple sentence. I tried to write it but I couldn’t. I tried to whisper it into your ears but I couldn't. I tried to look deep into your eyes and just utter it but I couldn’t. Tell me how I can truly say it to you though it's only 3 words!

I just want to curl up in the fetal position in your lap.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Exhausted and feel so alone. I pray that things will work out and to be in my benefit as I rely on God in this but O' my lord just hold my heart and say some words to it to relieve it and he will repeat  them  after you as a three year old child. Teach him how to follow you and your rules and whenever he thinks to break them or rebel on you , you just gaze him and he comes to you to say with a tearful eyes filled with sham "I am sorry"..