Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Something inside is dying..

There is no hope, at least not now,
And would I listen anyhow,
As all things cease to be,
Controllable or in control,
And life itself is less than whole,
With such a broken me.
I am not clear on what I feel,
Or what is truth or what is real,
There is no answer to it,
For problems build within my mind,
And no solution do I find,
To help me to get through it.
The bills remain unopened now,
I couldn't pay them anyhow,
So what's the point of trying?
The fire's unlit, there is no wood,
No match to light it if I could,
Something inside is dying.
There is no pill for what I feel,
They tell me that it isn't real,
They're not inside my head.
In cosy housing, unafraid,
Observe my life but would they trade
For footsteps that I tred?